There are many different gel options out there. We know what works! Motorcycles seats are what we do and we’ve done the research. We know what thickness works and what density is required. We have years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers that can vouch for us.

We have three different gels available. All three gels do the same job of dispersing vibrations and making you more comfortable. Each has a different density, requiring a different thickness to still do it’s job effectively. The Kno Place gel pad (yellow) is denser than the other two. It is 3/8 inch thick. The Pro Pad (orange) is softer and is 1/2 inch thick. The Travelcade/Super gel (purple, blue, or green) is the softest and needs to be 3/4 inch thick to do it’s job. All three are great. You just have to decide how mushy you want your gel and how much of the surface of your seat you want to cover.