If you own a Tonneau cover, you are probably wondering how to clean mold off of a tonneau cover. You may think that you can just take the cover off and clean it yourself. Although this can be an easy task if you have the proper tools, you should know that it is not recommended. Even though it does save you some money if you do it on your own, it will still cost you more in the long run if you attempt to clean it while you have no idea what you are doing.

how to clean mold off of a tonneau cover

First, you should always wash your vehicle before attempting to remove any mold. Never ever spray any type of cleaner directly onto the cover. Spray it onto a soft cloth that you are going to use to remove the mold from the cover itself. Spray the cloth directly onto the area that has mold growing where you can see it. Do not spray it onto the rest of the cover.

Second, you need to use a solution of one part distilled white vinegar to one part water. This solution is great for removing mold from any part of your truck, but especially if the cover has been in place for a period of time. The distilled white vinegar acts as a bleach for your truck’s surface to remove the mold.

Another important step in how to clean mold off of a tonneau cover is to check the nuts that are holding up the cover to the bed. Many times the cover will have nuts that have become loose and are flapping around. Remove the nuts and carefully pull the cover out of the bed. It is advisable that you use a pair of pliers to do this because the tension of the nuts can pull the cover out easily. Be sure to work fast when removing the cover so that you do not break the cover.

One more very important step on how to clean mold off of a tonneau cover involves drying the area completely. Before you begin to dry the cover, you should spray it with a good quality marine lubricant. This lubricant will allow you to get a tight seal on the cover while it is drying.

When you are done with how to clean mold off of a tonneau cover, remove it from the bed and allow it to dry completely. Place the cover on a large flat surface such as a table and let it dry completely. If you find that mold has formed, then it is still moist. In order to completely dry the cover, you should place it in an area where it will receive some air circulation. This air circulation will help dry the cover completely.

Once the how to clean mold off of a tonneau cover is complete, you can then paint it in the color or colors you prefer. Be sure to make sure that the finish is very clean. Do not use any type of chemical or oil based paint. This could potentially ruin the cover. Once you have painted the cover, it should be quite easy to maintain. It will continue to look great for many years to come.

Cleaning your cover should be done on a regular basis. It is important to dry the cover after each cleaning so that it does not continue to become moist. If you follow these steps on how to clean mold off of a tonneau cover, you should be able to keep the cover looking new for many years. If you are in need of an additional cover for your truck, consider giving it a second look.