How to clean tonneaus is one of those questions that most people asking how to clean truck bed covers. Some tonnes can be really sensitive. Have you been wondering how to keep it clean like all others? and how to buy the cheapest tonneaus under what you see online?

how to clean tonneau cover

The first thing I recommend you do is start cleaning before you wash the rest of your truck. Most of the time soft covers can dry very fast. This will make them very hard to clean after washing if you don’t know how to clean tonneau cover. They can dry out very quickly if you don’t know how to stop them from drying out.

When you wash your truck, I recommend using the same detergents you used to clean your soft covers. I would use a very mild detergent, preferably one without bleach. I would also start cleaning with the cover down. This could use a spray gun or a very steady hand. Be very careful when cleaning the sides as you could use too much force and damage the material.

After cleaning the bed, I would use a good cleaner with a protective sealer. I would go over the entire surface of the cover with the cleaner and then let it sit for awhile. After the cover is sat for awhile I would spray it with a light coat of protectant. This will help protect the cover against other dirt and dust. Let this sit for another few weeks.

If you are someone that likes to do their own maintenance and cleaning, a gentle cleaner can easily be used. Just like when you are washing your soft tops, just make sure you do not over do it. Just use enough so that you don’t smudge the material as you go along.

Another simple way of cleaning the cover is by using a soft toothbrush. The toothbrush will work best if you are trying to clean the dust out. Some people find that using a soft bristled brush and soap works best. Just make sure you rinse it off immediately after using. You don’t want to make your truck or soft cover dry out and be unable to use it.

One method that you may find to be effective on how to clean your cover is called “scrubbing”. A good way to explain this is to imagine the cover as a sponge. Scrub the whole cover. This means that you should remove everything from the cover. While you are scrubbing, you should only apply pressure onto the cover so that you do not rip or tear the material. You want to leave the cover nice and clean.

When you have finished scrubbing then it is time to get the oil changed. This should be done every two months or so. The reason why you want to change the oil is so that it will be easier for you to clean. Remember that it is important that you read the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper oil treatment for the model that you have. In addition, if you have a cover protectant on your truck then you should also apply a coat or so each time you wash the cover so that it is protecting you from the elements. How to clean a tonno cover protector can take a little practice but in the end you will have it down.

After you have cleaned and dried the cover, you can then start cleaning the parts of the cover. You can do this by either using a towel or a plastic brush. The first thing that you want to do when you are cleaning your cover is make sure to remove all of the dirt that is on the cover. After you have done this you can then work on getting all of the grime off of the cover so that you can use a cleaner to get it clean.

If you find that your tonneau cover cleaners are not doing a good job on your covers then you can always go online and find an industrial strength tonneau cover cleaner. These cleaners are generally made from chemicals that are stronger than the regular cleaners you buy in stores. There are even some cleaners that will take out metal corrosion and rust. These chemicals are very strong and should be able to easily take care of any problems that may appear on your covers. If you find that your covers need a little more attention than the chemical-based cleaners can provide you can try buying an outdoor shop vacuum.

When you have your covers clamped and cleaned you should always seal them up to prevent further water damage. Sealing your truck tonneau covers will help keep water out and prevent rust from forming. A seal protects the cover so that it does not rain on your truck and it also protects the cover from weather damage that could cause your truck to rust. Most of these types of covers come with a spray sealing compound that you can use to seal up your cover. This spray sealant has a built in water seal that is strong enough to prevent rainwater from coming in but will still keep the water out of your truck.