Many people who own a truck have at one time or another tried to learn how to clean vinyl covers. While it is not rocket science, nor is it complicated, it does take some know how and a bit of practice. This is the case regardless of whether you are cleaning a used cover or a new one. The same general rules apply no matter which type of cover you are cleaning.

how to clean vinyl tonneau cover

There are certain ways to clean covers that apply to both new and used models. For example, there are specific cleaner solutions for covers made from fiberglass, plastic or metal. Other types are made specifically for cleaning fabric covers. All of these materials will require a different solution to remove dirt and debris. Additionally, the cleaner should be applied properly in order to ensure the best results.

First, you must make sure the area where you are going to clean is clean and free of dust. This means removing all interior clutter from the compartment as much as possible. If there are any clumps of hair, for example, you should try to trim them away before you get started. After this is done, you can work on cleaning the vinyl tonneau cover itself. Take particular care not to damage the material while cleaning it.

As far as cleaning goes, there are some things you should never do to your cover. First, avoid using harsh chemicals such as paint thinners or hairsprays. These products can greatly reduce the life of your cover, as well as the life of its look. Even something as seemingly harmless as shaving can lead to permanent damage to a vinyl tonneau cover. If you must use one of these products, make sure you do so carefully.

Never remove the cover completely. Instead, you should lift it up and then pull it down. Doing this will prevent scratches from occurring and you’ll be able to see the interior better. The easiest way to do this is by using a ladder. However, if you have an awkward ladder, or are afraid of heights, simply reach out and hold the cover up.

Another thing that you should never do when learning how to clean vinyl is to use abrasive solvents to clean it. These substances will scratch the material and even remove some of the backing. To clean vinyl effectively, you should use a spray bottle filled with a mild cleaner or a sponge with mild soap. Make sure you scrub gently with a sponge to remove all dirt and stains.

Of course, we cannot talk about how to clean vinyl without mentioning the most damaging of the issues – sun damage. No matter how hard you may try, the sun is almost guaranteed to eventually damage your cover. First, make sure you place the cover somewhere that is shaded by trees or shade. Next, apply a sunblock that has at least SPF 30 on it. Finally, remove your cover when you are in the shade. Sun damage can be extremely hard to repair, so you want to take all of those precautions.

Learning how to clean vinyl can be one of the simplest tasks, but it is still important to follow the proper procedures. One thing that you can never do is skip any step in the process. For example, if you decide to remove the vinyl cover and clean the rest of the parts separately, you can ruin your cover if you leave any spots. This same principle applies to using abrasives to clean the cover. So be sure to wipe down all of the parts after applying the cleaning agent, especially the ones that are very close to where the damage occurred.