The Toyota Tacoma Soft Top offers a simple, clean look and easy to use features. The cover snaps closed easily and is made of durable nylon/leather fabric. It also folds easily, taking just seconds to do. In this article we will explore the best soft top for your Tacoma. When it comes to soft tonneaus, there are two basic types available.

Some are folding tonneau covers. Other have a detachable hard top. And still others are a combination of both. The folding tonneau is usually much smaller than the hardtop type. Therefore it is useful for covering shorter items like duffle bags.

The folding tonneau cover can be used with most manufacturers’ frames. However it may not work with your truck’s frame design. You should check the specifications of the truck, you want to install the cover with. If your Soft Top is too large, it probably won’t fit.

Comparison table

Product Product Informations Link to the review
Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau CoverGator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed
  • Fits Toyota Tacoma 2016-20 (5′ bed)
  • Easy & Fast No-Tool Install | The Gator ETX Tri-Fold can be installed in about 10 minutes by simply clamping the rails on without the use of a drill, providing quick, convenient cargo protection.
  • Eliminate the Elements | This cover’s heavy-duty aluminum frame, industrial-strength vinyl and superior perimeter sealing keep rain, snow and dust out of the bed of your truck bed and protect your cargo in any weather condition.
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Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Compatible with 2019-2021 Toyota Tacoma (Does Not Fit Trail Special Edition with Storage Boxes)Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed
  • US Design Patented
  • Made of dual coated 24oz marine grade vinyl, heavy duty aluminum powder coated frames, and comes with stainless steel clamps for easy installation and great durability
  • Pre-assembled horizontal crossbars offer support and conveniently fold up with the cover providing full bed access
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Lund Genesis Elite Tri-Fold, Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau CoverLund Genesis Elite Tri-Fold, Soft Folding Truck Bed
  • Fits 2016 – 2021 Toyota Tacoma 5′ 1″ Bed (60.5″)
  • PREMIUM MATTE CANVAS: Premium twill-woven material sits on top this soft tri-fold truck bed cover. Virtually maintenance free, this material option is best for those constantly on the go! It adds excellent protection while maintaining high-end looks
  • FLAWLESS FOLDING: Genesis Elite Tri-Fold unlocks via two easy to use clamps located on each side of the tailgate. Simply fold towards the cab and secure at either the first or second fold with integrated straps to accommodate various cargo sizes
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Gator Covers – Top-rated Soft Tri Fold Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma

The Gator ETX soft fold tonneau cover is clearly designed by somebody who drives his pickup truck for much more than simply transporting beach chairs and picnic coolers to the shore. The folding tonneau is constructed of one piece of aluminum tube that fits tightly over your vehicle’s bed. To open the lid, you just pull it up over your truck bed. That’s as simple as it gets. The versatility of the cover makes it ideal for the person who must transport large objects at night, and store tools in the back bed all day long.

Gator ETX Soft TriFold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Another pro to buying the Gator ETX tonneau cover is the fact that it is mold resistant. Most of these covers are made from aluminum, which is an alloy which is extremely light and has excellent heat and weather resistance. You may find some models in areas where temperatures can be extreme, but you should be able to keep them safe with proper care. The low profile design means they can be installed very quickly as well.

Perhaps the best thing about the Gator ETX soft roll-up truck bed covers is the fact that they feature two sets of easy to remove side seals. Because these parts are molded to fit into each other, you can rest assured that no one else will have the same look. These two sealing systems are one piece. While this feature isn’t ideal for high winds, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t experience any leaks through it either.

The Gator Tyger roll-up tonneau cover offers the best features and benefits for your money. While it doesn’t offer everything the competition does, it does have the best features. It is easy to use, light weight, mold resistant, and has a great warranty.

Tyger Auto – Best Low-priced Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma

Tyger is a company that manufactures truck tonneau covers. One of their most popular models is the Tyger Soft Tubeless Cover by Tyger Auto. It is very easy to install this cover and gives you a better look than any other soft tonneau cover on the market today. The cover comes with a mounting kit that makes it simple to install. The kit mounts the tonneau cover to your truck bed with one-way hookup that allows you to quickly move the cover to any vehicle.

Tyger Auto T3 Soft TriFold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Compatible with Toyota Tacoma

Lund – Top Value Soft Tri Fold Tonneau Cover for Toyota

The Lund Bible Elite is a very robust and versatile tonneau cover for your Toyota Tacoma. This cover was designed by Lund, a leading manufacturer of truck bed covers. This truck bed cover offers you the protection that you need to protect your valuable investment, while also adding a stylish look to your vehicle.

Lund Genesis Elite TriFold Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

This tonneau offers all the features of a soft tonneau without the need to sacrifice protection. It can be used on any truck with a bed that opens from the back, providing complete cargo area coverage for any type of travel you may encounter. With a secure locking mechanism, this tonneau covers all of the areas that are vulnerable to damage in a truck.

This tonneau covers the entire bed of a pickup truck, including the bed sides, the bed roof, and the underside of the bed frame. The roof and frame are covered so that they are virtually impenetrable from the outside. If you have an accident and the bed of your truck is damaged, you can easily pull this tonneau out to use as a soft replacement. It will keep your cargo area clean and safe, even in severe weather conditions.

If you use a soft replacement cover, you will find that it can be extremely easy to use and install. You simply glide on the topmost layer of material and then adjust the top according to how you need to use the cover. When you are shopping for a tonneau cover, it is a good idea to make sure that it is the right size for your truck. To ensure that the material fits properly and does not move or slide around, you should use the same type of clamping mechanism that you used on the original installation. It is also a good idea to take some measurements before you order the new cover to ensure that the cover fits correctly.

When you use all Lund Genesis Elite Tri-Fold Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover, you can rest assured that your pickup truck bed is going to be protected from the elements. This is a great cover for anyone who wants to protect their cargo from harsh weather and precipitation. You can count on the cover to provide years of trouble free service, and to protect your investment. The price of the tonneau cover is an added benefit, since it allows you to save money on gas and monthly payments.


The soft vinyl covered tonneau cover for your Toyota Tacoma just keeps getting better as time goes by. As more people shop for soft tonneau covers for their Toyota Tacoma, this type of cover seems to be the favorite among them. But, does it still hold its own against tougher competitors?

Best Soft Tri Fold Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma Conclusion

I would have to say that there is not one of the better soft tonneau covers on the market today that can even come close to competing with the genuine article. If you really want to save money on your purchase, you should skip the soft covers and go straight to the real thing. The difference between the soft and hard tops can be quite substantial. When comparing the two, the real winner is clearly the hard top. You get all the benefits of folding a tonneau cover while at the same time enjoying all the great visibility that folding a soft tonneau cover provides.

When you buy a folding tonneau cover for your Toyota Tacoma, you are getting yourself a great product. You are getting a product that many people swear by, trust, and enjoy using. There are numerous reasons as to why you would want to go with a folding tonneau cover over a soft tonneau cover, but in the end it comes down to personal preference. If you feel more comfortable folding the soft tri fold tonneau cover, then by all means do so. On the other hand, if you like the added visibility and the ability to open and close the cover from the front or the back, then by all means go with the soft tri fold tonneau cover.

In closing, I would have to say that when it comes to purchasing a soft fold tonneau cover for your Toyota Tacoma, you have made a good decision. If you want to save money, then by all means look for the cheaper “unfold” type of cover. However, if you want the best value for your investment and the best visibility from the back of your truck (when you can’t see out from the driver’s seat), then by all means go with the soft tri fold tonneau cover.

Just remember to take into consideration your own preferences when shopping for a folding tonneau cover for your Toyota Tacoma. If you live in an area that gets extremely hot during the summer months, then opt for a folding cover that has a thicker material. The extra material will help to keep air trapped between the folding tonneau cover and your vehicle, thus preventing any heated air from escaping and making your interior temperatures rise. You may also want to consider buying a folding tonneau cover with a “Larger Door Included” feature. If you find a folding tonneau cover with this feature, then you will be able to access your cargo area much easier when you need to use the space under your tailgate. By taking these few basic steps, you will find that shopping for the best soft tri fold tonneau cover for your Toyota Tacoma will be a breeze!