Kno Place Upholstery Co.

We are KNO PLACE UPHOLSTERY CO.  We specialize in custom motorcycle seat design, recovering, reshaping and gel inserts.  For the do it yourselfer, we sell three different types of gel inserts and everything you might need to build your own custom seat, including vinyl, leather and exotics.  
Why are we called Kno Place?  ( pronounced " no place " )  When we first opened our business, our street address was 1123 Kno Pl.  The street a couple blocks over was called Sum Pl.  When we moved to a better, larger location, we decided to keep the name.

  Kno Place Upholstery Co.

13069 Pine Cliff Cr.

Rapid City, SD  57702


Phone: 1-605-343-3377