When you have a Chevy Silverado, you want a tonneau cover. This is one of the important parts of your vehicle that many people overlook when they are cleaning or detailing their ride. It covers your cargo area and protects it from all kinds of weather and abuse. In addition to this, it also helps you organize your stuff in an easy to access space. If you do not have a tonneau cover for your Silverado, here are some tips that can help you choose the best one.

When shopping for a tonneau cover, first and foremost, make sure that it fits. The last thing you want is something that does not go on right because it does not fit. Look for measurements on the cover and confirm that it is the right size before ordering. The company should be able to give you an exact fit, but if they cannot, then you should try another truck.
Once you have confirmed the correct measurements, you should look at the designs. There are many available, so you want to find the best one for your design. While the look may be important, the function is just as crucial since the cover needs to serve its purpose.
The third thing to look at is the price. Chevy has a tonneau cover sold along with many other brands and models. Find the best deal possible so that you will not end up being unhappy with the purchase later. Some places offer great prices, while others may be too expensive.
Once you have settled on a tonneau cover, then you need to look at installing it. This is a very personal decision. You can find installation guides at most hardware stores and even online. However, it is a personal preference whether or not you should install the tonneau cover yourself. The instructions may seem confusing at first but after reading through them, it should not be too difficult. You can save yourself a lot of money if you install the cover yourself.

Comparison table

Product Product Informations Link to the review
BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck BedBAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck Bed
  • Fits 2014-2018, 19 Ltd/Legacy GM Silverado, Sierra, 19-20 Legacy/Limited (2014: 1500 Only, 2015-2020: 1500,2500,3500) 5′ 9″ Bed (69.3″)
  • UNRIVALED SECURITY – RX2 features patented rotational locking rails to secure the cover the entire length of the bed, as well as a latching mechanism to lock the cover to lock at the tailgate
  • UNRIVALED DURABILITY – The RX2 hard rolling truck bed cover is constructed with a gloss vinyl material overlaying a sheet of durable aluminum slats
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BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck BedBAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed
  • Fits 2019 – 2021 GM Silverado, Sierra 1500, Will not fit Carbon Pro Bed 5′ 10″ Bed (69.9″)
  • ULTIMATE SECURITY: The BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover has durable aluminum panels that automatically latch as the cover is partially or fully closed, and is fully locked once your tailgate is closed
  • STYLISH MATTE FINISH: Featuring matte-finished aluminum panels, protecting against marks, scratches and UV damage; as well as premium upgrades to the perimeter seals and hardware
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RetraxPRO MX Retractable Truck BedRetraxPRO MX Retractable Truck Bed
  • Fits 2019 – 2021 Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 (Not Compatable w/Carbon Pro Bed or Factory Side Storage Boxes) 5′ 10″ Bed (69.9″)
  • LEGENDARY DURABILITY The RetraxPRO MX features durable, aluminum panels that can support up to 500 lbs. of evenly distributed weight, as well as a matte finish for UV and scratch protection
  • LEGENDARY LIFETIME GUARANTEE Easy to install and made in the USA the RetraxPRO MX is so durable, we guarantee it for life. The PRO XR is also backed by our dedicated, US-Based customer support team
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Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck BedTyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed
  • Important: Equipping the cover will interfere with power tailgate.
  • US Design Patented, Cover is dual-coated and made out of heavy duty 24oz. marine-grade vinyl, with aircraft-grade aluminum frames, and comes with stainless steel clamps for easy installation and great durability.
  • pre-assembled horizontal crossbars offer support and conveniently fold up with the cover providing full bed access when needed
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Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up Truck BedTyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed
  • US Design Patented
  • Cover is dual-coated and made out of heavy duty 24oz. marine-grade vinyl, with built-in horizontal crossbars that offer support when cover is lying flat; and roll up with the tarp to provide full bed access when in need. Also comes with aircraft-grade aluminum side rails, and stainless steel clamps for mounting to the truck bed.
  • Seals with Velcro strip on the sides and secures with latch lock system at the tailgate. Tension system is available and can be adjusted on the end of the side rails to keep the cover tight and vinyl wrinkle-free in any weather conditions.
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BAK – Best Rated Hard Roll Up Tonneau Cover for Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The Bak Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover for Chevy Silverado 1500 is designed to be a tough, dependable, and affordable way to protect your truck bed. It covers your bed to perfection and comes complete with mounting hardware and easy to follow installation instructions. The sturdy plastic material it is constructed from will keep your cargo safe from theft and prying eyes while it rolls forward in the back of your pickup. This product comes with a lifetime warranty so if you decide to purchase it you do not need to worry about money being wasted on a product you are not completely satisfied with. It can be a wise investment for anyone who has a truck or for anyone who simply enjoys the great outdoors and wants to take his cargo along with him every time he drives.

BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover for Chevy Silverado 1500

One of the best features this cover has to offer is the easy to remove roll up design. While it can be opened easily with one hand the cover can also be closed with another. It is this dual purpose that will help to protect your cargo from unwanted scratches and nicks while it rolls up into your pickup bed. It can also be locked for that extra tight security so that you and your cargo remain safe and sound. These parts are also treated with an anti-rusting coating so that you do not have to worry about your investment rusting away while you drive.

It is important to realize that the bag itself does not lock in place. This is an added feature that has been designed to make moving your items easier. It is also built to be more secure than any other hard rolling tonneau cover on the market today. When closing the cover is barely visible above the bed of your truck, yet when open it reveals a huge, flat opening that is six inches wide and ten inches tall. With the lock being able to lock in place it gives you a level of protection that is simply not possible with other covers.

When it comes time to use your truck again, you can simply take off the hard rolling tonneau cover and toss it back on your truck like it was nothing ever happened. The cover is securely fastened to the frame and does not require any extra hardware to be installed. You are getting a tonneau cover that has the ability to stand up to even the most abusive treatment and still look great. The fact that it is a hard plastic cover over a soft fiberglass interior will help to ensure that everything is sealed and kept in place. If you spend any time in your truck bed then you will appreciate the extra space that is provided.

In addition to all of these great features there is also the benefit of having a great looking truck bed lining. If you have been looking for a way to make your pickup look sharp and unique, this cover is exactly what you have been looking for. It provides a classy yet tough look that will help to increase the overall value of your vehicle. While the hard rolling tonneau cover may be more costly than some covers, it will pay for itself over time in the protection and durability it offers.

If you are considering purchasing a custom pickup, this cover is an excellent choice. It has a very modern appearance that will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. It will add extra space to your truck and also provide a very tough and secure cover that will keep all of your items safe. These covers are now available at your local dealer or through the Internet.

BAK448130 – Top Rated Hard Folding Tonneau Cover for Chevrolet Silverado 1500

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover for Chevy Silverado 1500

This article will explain to you how to install the BAK Folding Tonneau Cover on your Chevy Silverado 1500. The instructions provided will show you step by step how to attach the front end of your Silverado to a truck bed. If you do not have the folding tonneau cover or are wondering how to install it, I encourage you to read my other articles first before attempting this modification. The pictures provided will show how simple this modification is to do.

Here’s what you will need to accomplish this modification. The first thing that you will need to do is take out the factory hardtop. Once this is done, you can move it to the rear of your truck bed. The next thing that you need to do is locate the “Jaguar Seat” located inside the rear of your Silverado. Once this is done, unhook the front end of the hardtop and locate the “BakFlip” (as described in the next paragraph).

This new piece of material acts as the top half of the hard folding tonneau cover. You can easily locate it by sliding it forward along the back side of the cover. The “BakFlip” is then placed over the hardtop. Make sure that the two pieces of the hardtop are square before putting it on the bed of your Silverado 1500.

The next step is to install the hardtop on the rear side of your pickup. To do this, you need to use the same method that you used to install the front cover. Slide the front edge of the hardtop forward until the edge of the cover is at the rear side of your pickup. Now, slide the rear edge of the cover behind the rear side of the pickup. Then, use the same procedure to install the second rear edge.

The last step is to attach the lower edge of the soft cover to the rear side of the bed. To do this, use an elastic band that you can find in any craft store. Then, use a zip lock bag to secure the elastic band to the hard folding tonneau cover. Before installing the rest of the parts, you need to check whether the soft cover has been secured.

The process for installing this tonneau cover is not too difficult. However, you should be careful while working with the cords. If you are working on a soft model, you can easily find replacement cords in any local stores. However, if you are working on a hard model, you can get it installed by a professional truck mechanic.

RETRAX – Best Retractable Tonneau Cover for Chevrolet Silverado 1500

RetraxPRO MX Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for Chevy Silverado 1500

If you own a Chevy Silverado, you should consider buying the RetraxPro MX Truck Bed Tonneau Cover. The RetraxPro is one of the more popular retractable tonneau covers on the market. The RetraxPro offers more than just a retractable tonneau cover. The RetraxPro offers retractable truck bed covers with optional side opening windows, folding trunks and rear windows. This unit is made by the same company that makes the popular Reebok FastLane line of exercise training gear. The company also produces the Reebok Ride and Truth exercise equipment.

The RetraxPro has a simple but effective design. The tonneau easily folds and unfolds to be used as a bed cover or just a simple roll up truck tonneau. The design and ease of use make this a great option for a person who is looking for a simple but effective tonneau. The cost is slightly more expensive than other similar models but the difference is not enough to give this model a bad reputation.

The RetraxPro is an easy to install bed cover. Even though it is designed for trucks, some people may have difficulty installing it on a smaller bed. There is plenty of information available online to help those who are having problems. The instructions are very easy to follow and are definitely doable by anyone with basic tools.

The easy to remove mechanism is another great feature of this tonneau. If you need to move your bed while you are traveling then this is the perfect option. No matter where you are going, you can easily get your bed back into place thanks to this easy to use system. When you are traveling, the bed cover is completely hidden so you don’t have to worry about someone finding it while driving by. This feature makes this retractable bed cover very popular among truck drivers.

Another great reason to get the RetraxPro Tonneau Cover for your Chevy Silverado is because it has been tested and proven. It has received numerous awards from both its consumers and from the professionals in the trucking industry. The company stands behind the durability and quality of the RetraxPro Tonneau Cover for Chevy Silverado 1500. Many users have claimed that this retractable tonneau has saved them countless hours of cleaning and maintenance time because it is so easy to clean.

When it comes to the price, the RetraxPro costs less than most other retractable truck tonneau covers. However, there are many retractable truck bed covers that cost more money. This simply depends on how much space you need and the amount of customization available on the RetraxPro. If you do a lot of modification to your vehicle, you may find that the cost of this product is well worth the cost of other truck bed covers. You will also be very pleased with the way it protects your cargo.

Tyger Auto – Best Soft Folding Tonneau Cover for Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Tyger Auto T3 Soft TriFold Tonneau Cover Compatible with Chevy Silverado

Tyger Auto T3 Soft is the most compatible tonneau cover that is currently available on the market. It was designed for those truck owners who wish to use a soft tonneau cover on their trucks but do not wish to sacrifice any kind of protection. In fact, some of these soft tonneau covers can even save your life. When properly installed, they can protect your cargo from any kind of damage by either dust or by leaving lint in them. But even though there are many benefits of using one of these covers, this soft cover may not be the right one for your truck.

A Tyger Soft tonneau cover may look like it is exactly like the genuine article but the fact of the matter is that it is actually very vulnerable to rusting. It may seem to look alright but you just might be surprised at how fast the cover can be damaged if you use a heavy truck while driving over rough terrain. This Tyger cover has been designed to be durable but it is still possible for one to get dents or dings in the material when driving on rough roads. To add on to this, the edges of the cover can easily be torn and damaged, which may also render it useless.

A major issue that you need to consider is that a Tyger Soft cover is a bit more expensive than the others available in the market. The good news however is that you do have options if you want to get a soft tonneau cover for your truck but still want durability and protection. You can use covers that come as a pull-up unit. This means that you will need another soft tonneau that can be attached to the cover so that you can have an extra layer of protection for your cargo. However, this extra layer of protection will not give you the same benefits that the Tyger Auto T3 Soft would give.

Another option that you have is the option of buying a hard cover. With this option, you can get a cover that is made from metal which can protect your cargo from any scratches. Although, the metal covering may look sturdy, it may be prone to rusting and scratching. So you have to choose between a soft cover and a hard cover depending on what you want.

One thing that you have to know about Tyger soft Tyger cover is that it offers an easy installation process. So if you have an auto that you want to modify, you can easily install the soft cover with just a screwdriver. For those who are not familiar with auto modifying, you can always hire a professional to do the job for you. Just make sure that you have all the tools needed such as pliers, socket wrenches, and the required tools.

To have a successful modification, you should have a very detailed blueprint and a detailed guide on how to install the cover. Having the right information will help you avoid making mistakes that would cost you more time and effort. Another thing that you have to remember is that Tyger covers come in different colors and designs. So, you should be able to choose the appropriate one for your vehicle.

Tyger Auto BC1C9007 – Best Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover for Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Compatible with Chevy Silverado

The Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover is a new for the truck owner who has opted for the bed mounted soft roll up truck cover. There are several advantages of this soft roll up cover. It provides better protection against dust and other impurities in the bed of the truck. You can roll it up completely without any hassle.

It is made of strong nylon vinyl and has waterproof properties. There is a special hole at the center to which you can insert the fiberglass or plastic insert. To make sure that the tonneau cover is completely sealed, there is a foam cutout at the center that ensures a watertight seal. This soft roll up truck tonneau cover also has locking latches and is available with front or rear zip-up doors. It can be used on any truck.

It is an easy to install cover and can be removed quickly without any hassle. It is also very light weight so you can easily carry it to your new place. It can be used for small to medium trucks. The Tyger cover comes with a mounting strap that is very useful for transporting the cover when you have to change the location.

There are several models available in the Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover. The various models vary in their sizes and design. You can also avail of free shipping when you choose any model. The price of the cover will also vary based on the size of the bed of the truck. There are also a few models available that have been designed specifically for a particular make and model of your vehicle. You can choose from a wide range of colors.

If you are looking for a soft cover, you should know that there are many options available in the market. A popular brand is Tyger, who has been making soft cover for truck bed for many years now. They have an excellent reputation and you can trust them for your soft tonneau covers.

There are lots of advantages of buying a Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover. These advantages include the light weight and ease of transportation. It is also very easy to install and maintain. You can also enjoy free shipping when you choose any of their models. You also need not worry about the price as they are very reasonable.


Best Tonneau Cover for Chevy Silverado 1500 Conclusion

The best tonneau cover for your Chevy Silverado 1500 can be easily identified when the right vehicle is used. When shopping for a cover, make sure it fits your truck perfectly. You’ll have to remove the lid in order to access all parts of your truck. With many covers, you need to remove the entire rear frame before putting the cover on. The reason is that some covers are designed for trucks with different sizes.

The best cover will not make your vehicle look boxy or ugly. If you shop around, you’ll see that there are several designs and color schemes to choose from. Most of them are very attractive. They will provide a more streamlined look for your car when it’s parked.

When purchasing a tonneau cover, it’s a good idea to do a little research into the companies manufacturing them. Find one with a reputation for manufacturing high-quality products that last for a long time. It will also pay to read customer reviews about the company online. Look for comments that describe the quality of the products. A lot of people want to buy a great product, but they often don’t want to take the time to find one. That’s why reading reviews will help you pick the best company.

Another thing to consider when shopping for a tonneau cover is the price. Don’t let price be your only deciding factor. If you can, spend some time shopping around online. You’ll find several manufacturers offering high-quality covers at very competitive prices. It will be important to review the different offers that are available before deciding which tonneau cover will be right for your needs. Just because one price is lower than another doesn’t mean it’s the best cover for your vehicle.

When you’re shopping for a tonneau cover, you need to look at the size of your truck. Many people choose a larger size than what they need. That’s because a larger size will make it easier to haul cargo with your truck. However, that’s a mistake that can cost you money. To determine the best size, measure the bed of your truck and then multiply that measurement by the bed’s width. You’ll have an idea of the right size tonneau cover for your needs.

The design of a tonneau cover is important as well. You want to choose one that looks neat on your truck. You also want one that will protect your cargo from rain or snow. Taking some time to look at the options that are available will help you make a better decision when looking for a cover for your truck.