Hard Roll Up Tonneau Covers is an inexpensive way to protect your truck bed. You have probably had a truck that suffered tremendous punishment when transporting or even just moving, heavy loads. The constant twisting and bouncing of heavy loads can dent your truck’s paint job, and it’s only a matter of time until the whole bed is wrecked from the harsh treatment. When you need to keep your truck looking its best or save yourself the expense of a new truck, a tonneau cover is the answer.

There are some things you should know before purchasing a hard cover. Not all roll up tonneau covers protect against impact damage, like many truck bed covers do. Some only protect against water damage. Make sure you purchase a tonneau cover that is rated for its intended use. If you’re just looking for added protection against normal wear and tear, you can purchase a cheaper cover that will do just that.

Hard roll up tonneau covers are usually manufactured out of a high impact polyethylene plastic material. This material is usually sprayed or baked with an anti-static coating. This coating acts as a conductor, keeping the air inside your cargo area. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid electrostatic charge buildup in your cargo area, but a tonneau cover will reduce this effect somewhat. Still, it is important to protect your cargo area from this type of charge buildup.

Comparison table

Product Product Informations Link to the review
BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 39214 Fits 2009-2018, 19/20 Classic Dodge Ram 8' Bed (96.3")BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck Bed
  • Fits 2009-20 Dodge Ram 8′ Bed
  • UNRIVALED SECURITY – The Revolver X2 features patented rotational locking rails to secure the cover the entire length of the bed, cab & side-rail seals, as well as an integrated latching mechanism to lock the cover with the tailgate
  • UNRIVALED DURABILITY – The RX2 hard rolling truck bed cover is constructed with a gloss vinyl material overlaying a sheet of durable aluminum slats capable of withstanding up to 400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight
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TruXedo Sentry Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau CoverTruXedo Sentry Hard Rolling Truck Bed
  • Fits 09-18, 19-20 Classic Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 8′ 0″ Bed (96.3″)
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH VINYL: For reliable bed protection from weather & debris, this roll-up truck bed cover’s leather-grain fabric is the perfect match for you. It is pressure bonded to heavy-duty aluminum slats making it a strong & durable solution.
  • PERFECTLY PRACTICAL: Designed with an easy, one hand rolling approach for effortless accessibility to your truck bed. Simply unlock this cover at either side of the tailgate, roll to the cab, secure & go. No more worries about hauling largo cargo.
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BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau CoverBAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Truck Bed
  • Fits 2009-20 Dodge Ram, 19 CLA 1500 only, 2019: 2500-3500 only 6’4″ Bed
  • UNRIVALED DURABILITY – The RX4 hard rolling tonneau cover is constructed with a matte-finished black vinyl material over a sheet of durable aluminum slats, capable of withstanding up to 400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight
  • UNRIVALED SECURITY – The Revolver X2 features patented rotational locking rails to secure the cover the entire length of the bed, cab & side-rail seals, as well as an integrated latching mechanism to lock the cover with the tailgate
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BAK – Best Choice of Hard Roll Up Tonneau Cover for Dodge Ram 2500

BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover for Ram 2500

If you have a Ram 1500 or even a van, getting a soft roll up tonneau cover for your bed is essential. These heavy duty soft rollers are great for hauling whatever you need to carry around, but they’re also tough and reliable. The BAK Revolver X2 really is the best you can get, and it comes in a bundle deal that is a steal. When you’re shopping for a truck bed cover, the most important features to look for are how well it can protect, and how much it can protect. When it comes to the BAK Revolver X2, it offers everything your truck could possibly need.

It comes with heavy duty nylon webbing that can handle a lot of use, and there are several accessory pockets as well. You will never again have to be worried about finding something in your bed. This tonneau cover rolls up so easily. You can put it up and take it down with no fuss or bother. The material is UV resistant and is treated for abrasion resistance, so it should last for many years to come. Another great feature is that the hard rolling tonneau cover for Ram 2500 comes with an accessory rail that allows you to install other optional accessories on your truck.

If you need an extra bed cover, this might be it. While it is a little more expensive than the other hard rolling tonneau covers for Ram models, it is made out of the finest materials. That means it is going to last you a long time, and it is also going to provide you with lots of value. You will get more cargo space, you will have more cargo options, and you will be able to haul more.

It will fit all models of the redesigned truck that was released in January of 2020. The new model uses a new aluminum frame along with front and rear bumpers to give it a sleeker and sportier look. If you like the look of the new Bak model, you will love the new tonneau cover for Ram.

The hard rolling tonneau cover for Ram models is built with a heavy duty industrial weight webbed liner to keep your cargo secure. This liner also has reinforcing wire for extra strength and durability. This extra tough webbing adds an extra measure of protection to your cargo, and it can withstand a lot of use. The front end of the tonneau cover also has reinforcing bars to make it stronger.

This truck bed cover is easy to install with its snap down mounting system. It installs quickly and easily, and it comes with its own mounting hardware. When you buy the hard rolling tonneau cover for Ram, you will be getting more value for money. This truck bed cover is very easy to use and it provides plenty of storage space for your things. The truck bed is a big attraction to your vehicle; therefore, it needs to look great too. The Bak revolver x2 can help you achieve this look and this ease of use.

TruXedo – Top Uncostly Hard Roll Up Tonneau Cover for Dodge Ram 2500

TruXedo Sentry Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover for Ram 2500

TruXedo is a very popular manufacturer of truck tonneau covers. TruXedo has been in business for over one hundred years and continues to grow at a steady rate. They are known for making great products that last a long time. Here is a look at what makes TruXedo such a good choice.

One of the best things about TruXedo is that they make sure their products roll well and are durable. Their tonneau cover is no different. The company has spent a lot of time making it work right when you install it. You can depend on them to get your job done right every time. Another great thing about the TruXedo Sentry Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover for Ram 2500 is how light it is.

This tonneau cover is very easy to install. If you do not know how to read blueprints, then you should purchase one that comes with an easy to follow set of directions. Most of the larger models have all the hardware and mounting parts pre-installed so you will have little trouble installing it yourself. Even if you have never installed a tonneau cover before, you should have no problem installing the Sentry Hard Rolling Towing Cover for Ram 2500. The instructions are easy to follow and go step by step, so even a beginner will be able to handle it.

This truck tonneau cover rolls up and out of the way very easily. This is because it has an aluminum frame and steel linings. Because it is lightweight, it will be easy for you to transport it from one location to another. On top of that, you can roll it up and store it when you need to. You will never have to worry about it getting dirty again.

If you drive a big rig, then you know how frustrating it can be to constantly roll your truck back and forth to change lanes. When you use this tonneau cover, you will be driving in a more secure fashion because it is going to roll up. This makes it much easier for you to get in and out of your truck. Instead of having to stop and roll it forward, you can simply open up and close it.

If you want to be able to keep your cargo secure while you are driving, then you should look at this truck tonneau cover for Ram 2500. It will help to keep your cargo safe while you are driving and will also make it easier for you to access your cargo area. You can roll it up and out of the way as needed. In addition, it will make it much easier for you to store your things in your truck because you will have a secure place to store your items.

BAK79213 – Best Value Hard Roll Up Tonneau Cover for Dodge Ram 2500

The Bak Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover for Ram 2500 is designed to withstand the rigors of a truck while offering an easy way to access your cargo. This type of tonneau cover comes in various styles and designs, including folding models that allow you to access your cargo with ease. Before you decide on the type of cover that is right for you, consider these important factors.

BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover for Ram 2500

The first thing to know is that not all tonneau covers are made the same. Some are created with extra vents that allow air to flow through your truck bed while others use solid rubber rollers for extra stability. The materials used in your truck bed will have a big effect on the types of tonneau covers that are available and which one will work best for your needs.

Another factor to consider is how much light you need from your truck bed. If you live in an area where it snows often, you might want to look for a hard rolling cover that has side curtains or an integrated interior lighting system. If your truck is equipped with an internal six-cylinder engine that often powers a headlamp on your ride, then you may also want to get a tonneau cover that incorporates this technology. It may be more expensive than other designs, but it will ensure that your headlamps are visible during the dark hours of the night.

Another important aspect to consider is whether you want a soft or hard cover. Soft rollers are easier to install and detach, but they are less secure. Installing a hard rollback tonneau cover is a security measure, since it will prevent cargo from rolling out of the bed. Most hard rollers will be installed by professionals, so this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you do decide to try to install a soft rollback tonneau cover yourself, it is important to make sure that you follow all the instructions carefully.

After you have narrowed down the models you are interested in, you can then begin shopping at retail stores. These are the easiest way to purchase a new tonneau cover. You can also find these covers online, if you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home. Either way, it is important that you first determine where you will be installing it. Depending on your vehicle, you may need to have the rollers mounted inside the truck bed compartment, while models without a bed will require them to be installed outside.

Once you have chosen the location where the cover will go, it is time to take it apart. The X4 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover for Ram is easily detachable with its two detachable side skirts. This allows you to take the cover off and wash it according to your cleaning routine. The truck bed paint can be washed using your washing machine, and your fabric should be able to handle a light wash as well. If you are planning to use a power washer to clean the interior, it is important that you use the proper cleaning fluid and that you allow plenty of time to dry before reinstalling the cover back into place.


Best Hard Roll Up Tonneau Cover for Ram 2500 Conclusion

So you are wondering which is the best Hard Roll Up Tonneau Cover for your Ram 2500. The answer lies in knowing exactly what you want to use the cover for. Are you looking for a hard top to protect your cargo or do you need a cover for cargo space? Do you want a hard top for your cargo area but want some additional head room? Do you want the cargo area covered with some kind of a cover that will help keep everything secure?

When deciding which Hard Roll Up Tonneau Cover for Ram 2500 to purchase, it’s important to remember that there are many manufacturers of these covers. Each manufacturer designs their hard top differently. While each of them will meet your specific needs, each of them will be designed differently. That is why it is important to do some research and find out how each type of cover has been tested for cargo security, cargo capacity, and overall quality before you buy.

One of the best manufacturers of a Hard Roll Up Tonneau Cover for Ram 2500 is Coverking. They have many different covers that will meet your specific needs. Their Coverking Pro Tonneau cover is made from heavy duty industrial grade materials and has aluminum side rails that will keep your cargo secure. The Coverking Downside fits a variety of different sizes and is designed to keep cargo from moving around while it is in the cover.

Coverking also offers a Hard Roll Up Tilt Ready Tonneau Cover for Ram 2500. This cover has the best features available and will ensure you get the best protection for your cargo. The front of the tonneau is adjustable so that you can raise or lower it to customize it to your exact specifications. It also includes an easy snap down support system. This tonneau cover will keep everything securely in place and keep your cargo from moving around.

When it comes to protecting your cargo, you want something that will hold up against the toughest weather conditions. That means it needs to be UV protected. Check to make sure the manufacturer uses the best UV protecting film on the cover. This will help it last longer and keep your truck looking new. You should also make sure that the tonneau cover is designed to meet federal regulations for being UV protected.

Lastly, you want the Tonneau Cover to be easy to install. Some come with easier snap on design, while others are designed to be hooked and looped. Look for easy snap on hooks that will prevent you from having to fight with a tonneau cover installation if you don’t want to. The Coverking company offers many different styles of tonneau covers so take some time to review the options and find the one that works best for you.