It is easy to find the soft rolling tonneau cover that you want, and then it can be easy to install. There are many models of soft roll up tonneau, the most popular models have a built in center divider. This divider keeps your cargo out of sight, and makes it more difficult to steal. You do not have to worry about your car being stolen while you’re driving.

If you are looking to buy a soft roll up tonneau cover, you have many options to choose from. Some are better than others. For example, there are different types of folding tonneau, the folding tonneau type has a folding lid on the front of the tonneau that rolls up. On the other hand, you have the rigid roll up tonneau, it has a solid fold up lid on the front of the tonneau. When you want to get something out of the way, you just pull it down.

There are many different manufacturers that make soft roll up covers. You should look for covers by Coverking, Federal Premium, Airstream, Truxedo, and Bedrock. These are just a few of the manufacturers of these covers. The best place to find soft roll up covers is online.

Comparison table

Product Product Informations Link to the review
Riseking 5' Soft Rollup Rolling Tonneau Cover Black Truck Cargo Bed Compatible with 2019-2020 Ranger (Styleside) RV109-0595Riseking 5′ Soft Rollup Rolling
  • Fitment: 2019-2020 Ranger XL (5’/61″); 2019-2020 Ranger Lariat (5’/61″); 2019-2020 Ranger XLT (5’/61″)
  • Excellent Performance : Withstand all climate conditions, waterproof, snow proof and dirt proof. good sealing, provide maximum security and concealment of your goods;
  • Durable Electrophoretic treatment, make the hardware more durable and reliable, ensuring a superior durability, black textured powder coated aluminum is anti-ultraviolet and no fading;
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American Tonneau Company Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau CoverAmerican Tonneau Company Soft Roll-up Truck Bed
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific
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TruXedo Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau CoverTruXedo Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed
  • Fits 2019 – 2021 Ford Ranger 5′ 1″ Bed (61″)
  • MATTE BLACK XTRA LOW PROFILE: Industry-leading matte black woven fabric allows the fibers to flutter dirt and dust off the cover when your vehicle is in motion. Sits flush with your truck bed allowing absolutely no interference with your truck’s design lines
  • QUICK AND EASY OPEN: Simply open this cover in seconds and with just one finger. Locate the trigger latch at the driver side of the tailgate, unlock and roll the cover up to the cab. It’s that quick and that easy to open and operate this cover.
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Riseking – Best Selling Soft Rolling Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger

The Riseking 5′ Soft Rollup Rolling Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger is an exceptional way to protect the truck bed. The roll-up cover comes with two removable panels that expand to give you access to the entire bed. One panel can be secured with side hook locking latches while the other is left open. These panels are designed to keep everything in place and secure no matter how much cargo you are carrying. They are made of heavy duty vinyl to withstand the punishment of a truck can impose on it day in and day out.

The soft roll-up covers are extremely durable, providing you with hundreds of hours of protection. You can easily remove the panels to access the entire bed while the soft roll-up door features air pockets to prevent moisture from collecting. This can help reduce condensation on the interior of your truck while reducing the chance of mold buildup or rotting. The truck bed will stay dry and clean thanks to this innovative design.

If you are constantly hauling cargo, then the Riseking 5′ Soft Rollup Towing Cover for Ford Ranger is the perfect solution. It features two large mesh pockets that are perfect for securing supplies or your larger loads. The open air cells in the cover provide excellent ventilation and allow your cargo to remain cool and fresh throughout the haul. You can set the cover up so that the rear of the bed is covered while the middle section is open for easy access. This will protect the interior of your truck from the elements, while providing you with quick and easy access to any part of the truck.

There are many people who find the truck bed a mess after pulling it off the truck bed during transportation. This problem can be eliminated with the use of the Riseking 5′ Soft Rollup Towing Cover. This soft roll-up tonneau fits on the bed of your Ford Ranger and rolls up easily. It covers the entire bed but does not interfere with cargo flow. It allows cargo to be placed exactly where it needs to be without worry of it being accidentally nudged or scratched. The rollers of the cover make it very easy to transport goods as they are very sturdy.

Riseking 5 Soft Rollup Rolling Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger

There are many truck owners who dread the tedious work of manually lifting their trucks up onto the bed. The rising soft roll-up tonneau offers an alternative to lifting the truck by hand. This cover rolls up into a simple design so that it does not interfere with your view of the road. It also folds up neatly when not in use, saving you valuable space in the cab of your truck.

You can use your truck for whatever purpose you may have in mind. If you need to haul cargo then the rising 5′ soft roll-up tonneau cover will be a great choice. It provides plenty of storage space under the bed while protecting the cargo you are carrying. If you want to haul big loads and need to secure the cargo yourself, then the cover is perfect for you.

American Tonneau Company – Best Low-priced Soft Rolling Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger

The American Tonneau Company is a leader in the trucking and truck accessories industry. Their soft roll-up tonneau cover for Ford Ranger offers many benefits that others are not able to offer. The main reason the American Tonneau Company produces soft roll-up tonneau cover for Ford Ranger is because they know what makes a good soft roll-up tonneau cover, and they put their experience to work in creating the best soft roll-up tonneau cover for the Ford Ranger. Another reason is because of their low overhead, which means that less of their profit is going into overhead costs. They are one of the few soft roll-up tonneau cover companies that does not have a retail store.

The American Tonneau Company has put out a ton of innovations and changes to improve soft roll-up tonneau cover for Ford Ranger. The most recent innovation is the patented Tempur-pedic Vinyl Lifting System. This system allows you to raise and lower the tonneau quickly and easily in any situation. This new innovation raises and lowers the tonneau with no hydraulic assistance. Now when you want to raise the soft roll-up tonneau cover for Ford Ranger, you just raise it using your foot and then lower it, without ever lifting your foot off the ground.

American Tonneau Company Soft Rollup Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger

The American Tonneau Company also offers the popular rear window defroster. This allows you to easily control the opening and closing of the hard top on any vehicle. No more adjusting the tonneau for perfect opening and closing! No more messing with the stick or trying to use a stick you picked up off the floor. Now with the defroster installed on the soft roll-up tonneau cover for Ford Ranger, raising and lowering the tonneau quickly and easily is easy! It’s all automatic with the patented Tempur-Pedic Vinyl Lifting System.

The soft roll-up tonneau cover for Ford Ranger also comes standard on the Deluxe, Extra Large, and Limited Cargo Sets. You can also order this soft roll-up tonneau cover separately, if you prefer. It comes as a set of two (2) tonneau covers, so it may not be possible to order one as a generic tonneau cover. However, you can order it as a semi-custom or custom set. So if you prefer a soft roll-up tonneau cover that is not manufactured by the American Tonneau Company, you should still check out the options at American Tonneau.

One thing that I noticed with American Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Covers is that they have a much longer warranty than some other companies. I have seen this as a benefit of purchasing an American Soft Roll-Up Cover for myself. While I have not used the truck regularly, I do have to use it quite frequently, therefore I feel that American Soft Roll-Up covers are a better option. However, the warranty is just one of many things that you should consider when deciding which soft roll-up tonneau cover for your Ford Ranger.

So is the American Soft Roll-Up Tonneau cover for you? It depends on what you need. If you only want it for emergencies and transporting items that are heavy, then go with the cheaper choice. If you really want something that you can be proud to add to your truck, then take a look at the American Soft Roll-Up Tonneau cover for your Ford Ranger.

TruXedo – Top Costly Soft Rolling Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger

TruXedo Pro Tonneau Covers offer consumers more value, convenience and quality than ever before. The TruXedo Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger is constructed from aluminum and fiberglass and features an easy to use adjuster system for a perfect fit every time. TruXedo’s goal has always been to provide the best in customer service, products and affordability. By offering the most economical way to protect your truck bed, the TruXedo Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger is sure to be an excellent choice for you. Let’s take a closer look at this highly rated tonno:

Truck bed protection has never been easier with the easy to use retractable Truxedo Pro Tonneau Cover for Ford Rangers. You no longer have to worry about unsightly rust and ugly water stains on your favorite ride. The easy to use adjustment mechanism makes it effortless to raise or lower the cover according to your own personal preference. Even if you are planning to spend a little extra money, the quality and rugged construction of the Truxedo Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger makes it well worth the investment.

TruXedo Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger

As a truck driver you know that protection is the key to keeping your truck protected from the elements. Whether driving on gravel, dirt or sand, you need a truck bed cover to keep your cargo dry. The quality of a soft roll-up tonneau is one of its strong suits. It has been specifically designed to meet all federal, state and local regulations and is able to withstand constant exposure to salt spray and corrosive chemicals. No matter where you need to transport your items, the rugged, tear-resistant nylon exterior of the Truxedo Pro Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger will keep them safe and secure.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why a soft tonneau cover is the most popular truck bed cover on the market today. When you want to keep items dry, you can do so without fear of them getting ruined by inclement weather. Items kept inside the truck bed will be kept dry, as well, even when there is severe weather or a leak in the cargo area. For drivers who spend a lot of time driving through difficult terrain or who like to bring their A game to the truck bed, these covers are an absolute must. They provide an unbeatable combination of versatility and durability.

Those who need a truck bed cover that is both functional and beautiful often look for the Trxedo Pro Tonneau Cover for Ford Rangers. This tonneau offers all of the same design features that the company has become known for, but it also includes cutting edge technology for added strength and rigidity. Many truck owners have found that this tonneau cover provides them with the best possible protection. When the weather turns hot, these covers allow airflow through the bed of the truck while providing additional protection against leaks and other damage that may occur.

The Trxedo Pro Tonneau Cover is one of the best tonneau options on the market. It provides superior protection in a soft, comfortable cover. Many truck owners choose this product over alternative truck bed covers because of its reliability and durability. Shop online for a Trxedo Pro tonneau cover for Ford Rangers and see what you are missing!


So you’ve decided to finally buy a soft roll down tonneau cover for your Ford Ranger. What are you going to get? Well, you’ve made up your mind to spend your hard-earned money on the new covering, but now it’s time to find out what is available and what is worth the investment. The Ranger has a number of options that make it appealing to many buyers, but with such a small range of covers does the whole thing become a bit of a hassle? Fortunately, there are ways to find the best soft roll-down cover for your truck, and this article will explain what we think are the best models in town.

Best Soft Rolling Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger Conclusion

In general, the best soft rolling tonneau cover for Ford Ranger are those that are custom made to fit and compliment the model, rather than those that are mass produced and aim to cover a little more area. This is because the first thing that you’re going to want to be looking for in a tonneau is some sort of protection against harsh weather. With that in mind, we suggest checking out the Britax Advocate brand, as they have some great products that will keep your cargo safe from the outside elements. You can also try looking at the Fox and Hanley brands, as both of them have received good reviews by different sources, so they may be worth a look. The last thing you want is for your vehicle to get scratched during transit!

When you’re shopping for a soft roll down tonneau, one of the things you need to keep in mind is how much space you need to cover. For this, we recommend checking out all the options offered by each manufacturer and narrow it down according to your own personal needs and specifications (i.e. how much sleeping space do you need? Are you looking for a universal fit, or do you require a specific fit? Finally, take a look at how easy it is to remove your cover, because this is something that will help you make a final decision.

The main reason for checking out all the different soft rolling tonneau covers is to ensure that you purchase the one that’s going to best serve your needs. For example, if you only need to carry things behind you (i.e. bags, groceries), then you should choose a cover with less fabric and more storage space. On the other hand, if you have larger items, such as refrigerated food or even large sleeping bags, then you’ll need a more rigid cover that offers more structure and protection.

Another great thing about soft rolling tonneau covers is that they are quite easy to install. In fact, most are designed with simple and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, making it an easy project to install your own truck tonneau cover. Most retail outlets that sell these covers also offer easy installation directions that you can follow. Additionally, most will provide the hardware necessary to install the cover on your own, meaning that you won’t have to pay anyone to install it for you.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a soft rolling tonneau cover installed on your Fighthex pickup truck. While these covers can be pricey at some retail outlets, the cost of buying a soft roll type cover is much cheaper than paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair your truck. If you are in the market for a new tonneau cover, consider checking out your local retailers to see what they have available. You might be surprised at how inexpensive this option can be!